Training the Robot: Record a Motion Sequence and Play It Back

Record Sequence and Playback Code

A robot is not very useful unless a person can work with it easily. While it is not difficult to put in commands for where the servos should be positioned, it is much easier if you can direct a robot to where it needs to be and have it remember that action.

That is what this program is for. Using the GUI one can move the 3D printed robot arm through a series of motions, recording each step, and then have the robot repeat the seqence. It is a great piece of software for just creating quick demos. Or for kids to learn how programming works sequentially.

The next step will be to modify to the arduino code so that is changes all of the servo positions seemingly simultaneously. Right now it moved the shoulder then the elbow. This is a little slow and un-elegant. The next iteration will have them all moving at once.

See the video below to watch how to train the robot.

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