Project Links

3D Printing Files and CAD

3D print files for the 2DOF arm. (6/5/2016)
3D Print Files for the 3 DOF arm (7/31/2016) Note: This iteration of the arm were designed for a Makerbot 2X, which has the capability to print them with minimum infill (%10). Here are the exact settings. It has not been tested if the arm will remain functional if printed solid.

3D Print Files for the various end effectors

Code and Software

Arduino and Python Code for GUI (updated 7/27/2016)

Windows Application V0.9 - Full app to connect and control the arm installed with the accompanying Arduino program "LittleArm_GUI_arduino". Download the entire "dist" folder and run the .exe file "LittleArm_GUI." Python code is in the folder for reference or advanced users. Note: This windows app is still in development so we can't guarantee performance.

If you are having trouble with the windows program above here is one of the earliest windows versions of the GUI which, though rough may get you started.

Items to Purchase

Purchase MG90S microservos
Purchase Small Breadboards
Purchase Generic Arduino
Purchase Real Arduino
6V 1A power supply


  1. Bought an arm on your Kickstarter, but wanted to try to put one together myself before they come in. A couple of questions:
    1. Are the servos listed above the same ones you are using in the Kickstarter? I wanted to make sure they will fit the printed parts.
    2. I have a makerbot replicator 2, one extruder. You say you print them as hollow parts. Do you mean you use zero infill? If so, what are your settings - number of shells, layer height, etc.? Thanks, and congratulations on getting it fully funded! Dennis

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Yes, the servos listed above are the same and should fit fine. Though a few pieces might require a little finishing. (particularly the shoulder servo mounting area FYI)

      Here is a link to all the settings of our Makerbot

      We use a 10% infill with a hex pattern.

      Let us know how it turns out and if there are any problems that you catch. We are continually tweaking the arm.


  2. Hi,
    I just loaded the stl files into my Makerware. They seem way too small for the assembled robot I'm viewing on your new website. Which units of measurement did you use to create the stl files?


  3. Scale it up by a factor of 10. Change the 100% in scale to 1000% and it should be good.

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