New Website

Hey All,

Well the LittleArm is being formalized a little bit. That means improvements. One of those improvements is a new website.

Here is the new LittleArm Website. On it you will find all the same resources as on this blog, but they will be better organized. Check out the new site and let us now what you think.

Design: New Wrist

We have designed a new wrist for the LittleArm. This can only be used in place of the actuated gripper. Therefore the end effectors that can be used are currently the hook and clamp for markers.

This wrist does allow for better implementation of drawing programs since it is now possible to keep the pen vertical.

STL files for the wrist can be downloaded here.

Design: Gripper Attachment Dimensions

For all of those out there that are making their own LittleArm and want to create a custom gripper, here are the dimensions of the adapter slot and gripper fitting.

Tutorial: Build the LittleArm

Here is a tutorial outlining the different steps taken to assembly the LittleArm robot kit.

Testing Teaching Pendant - Dancing Robot

We are working to create a teaching pendant for the LittleArm 3D printed robot. While we were doing some tests music was playing so we rolled with it. Enjoy

We Just Launched on Kickstarter

We have been working to turn the 3D printed robot into a kit. We are almost there.

We have launched a Kickstarter to get the funds needed to start producing the LittleArm in greater quantity. Please check out the LittleArm Campaign and be one of the first to get the kit.

But of course always feel free to download the parts and code to make your own.

Installing and Running Python on Windows

For those that use Windows.

In order to run the python programs on this website for the LittleArm (3D Printed Robot Arm) you will need Python installed. And if you want to use it from the command line you will need to add it to your environmental variables

Here is a tutorial on how to install Python and then run it from the command line. 

For those that do not like to read, here is a video of the process.

Instead of running our programs from the command line, you may also simple start up Python IDLE and then open and run the python programs from this website. That is a more intuitive and graphical method.

Here is our own video on installing python and running the programs in IDLE